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Books We Recommend

  • Pragmatic Thinking & Learning - Refactor Your Wetware - Andy Hunt - (1-934356-05-0) * Applying learning and behavourial theory to the world of business and technology. Fun and interactive!

  • Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide - Amy Shuen - (978-90596-52996-3) * A clear, concise look at how Web 2.0 can be used to achieve business goals.

  • Managing Virtual Teams - (1-59822-028-4) * Good practical advice, tools and examples of how to build effective virtual teams.

  • The White Man's Burden - William Easterley - (1-59420-037-8) * If you are involved with international development work, you have got to read this!

  • Riding the Tiger - Davidson, Gelman & Chung - (0-00-255763-0) * A helpful perspective on making information technology work within an organisation.

  • Reviewing Leadership - Banks & Ledbetter - (0-8010-2690-3) * Helpful review of leadership from a Christian perspective.


  • Juice - an incredible group of people who will transform you and your business
  • Schumaker UK - resources based on E.F. Schumacher's work and thought
  • Edward Tufte He is the guru on the visual presentation of data. Check out the site, but don't forget to read the book.
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